Never Again


I woke up thinking that today is my last day.

Or it might as well be.

Recently, a divorced friend of mine said that if she would’ve known that the last time she made love to her husband was THE last time, she would’ve made sure it was great.

This got me to thinking. First, that I know what she means. I’ve had relationships end suddenly and you never really know when it’s the last time… last hug, last kiss, last good-bye.

We all have these feelings about things. Regrets suck. So how do I fix it so that it doesn’t happen again? Everyone always says that today is the first day of the rest of your life. That just makes me feel like I have lots of time, and that opportunities are knocking, and the future exists. But it doesn’t. Not yet anyway.

What if I do everything like it is my last day?  It’s not that it ‘might’ be my last day, or that there’s a ‘chance’ I won’t see tomorrow. It is truly the last today. Things will inevitably be different tomorrow. Situations will change, opportunities will change, circumstances will change. Some people will enter my life and some will leave it, and if I’m half the person I hope to be, I’ll be different too.  I will learn something today that will change the way I think or feel tomorrow. I will never again see things the way I do today.

So as I take the time to eat this nectarine, I’m slurping up the sweetness it has offered me and letting the juice run down my chin because I will never eat this nectarine again.


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