A Wild Wish


In all my wildest imagination, I could never have dreamed of this.

Every day I witness an amazing thing. Just beyond a pane of glass nature displays its glory for me to behold.

When I decided to move and was looking for a new place, I had a few essentials on my list – location, location, and location. It never crossed my mind that I would live in the sky, but here I am. Soaring.

There is a pair of red-tail hawks that nest in the woods out back. They chase the pigeons from the parapet of the buildings. From penthouse height, it’s entertaining to watch them. The pigeons rest in the sunlight until a hawk lands nearby, and instinct forces them to take flight. The whole flock makes a huge circle over the area and returns to roost.  Again and again, a hawk disturbs their landing. They are forced to maneuver around the two buildings to find a secure perch, but the other hawk always awaits. No rest for the near-weary birds.

And then the hunt begins. The predators have tired their prey. Now is the time to strike.

As the pigeons flee, they approach my window en masse.   At the last second before running head long into the wall, they climb to attempt a landing on the roof. The hawk, in high-speed pursuit, flies within a few yards of me. Just the glass separates us. I can see all the detail of his breast and wings… every feather, every muscle, his eyes focused and beaming. Uncontrolled, my mouth drops open in utter amazement and appreciation, and a wish I never made comes true.


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